Ensure that you put the activity of sunset hunting as well as watching the sea turtle at Pangumbahan beach on your "things to do list" while you are in Ujung Genteng. This activity takes place at 5.30 pm. If you go to Ujung Genteng with your kids than this activity is a must! Our kiddos love the sandy beach here and of course they were very interested to see all of the baby turtles racing to swim in the sea.

We left Turtle Beach Resort at 4.45 pm, and went to Pangumbahan Beach with our car. We had to drive on a sandy and bumpy road. You can also go there by motorcycle, there were a lot of "ojek driver" offering their service. To reach the area, you have to pass the gate to Pangumbahan Conservation as seen below, and just follow the sign passing Cibuaya Beach, than follow further sign to the Sea Turtle Conservation Area. You will be asked to write your name down upon arrival at the conservation center. And eventhough not formally written, but the guy will ask you to pay an entrance fee, IDR 5,000 per adult.

After waiting for a while, than there was an announcement that the sea turtle will be realeased to the see, visitors were requested to make a line.

And off they went to the sea...it was so lovely to watch them on the beach than swim into the sea at the same time enjoying the sunset! A very unforgettable experience :)

Written on September 23, 2012
by Tesya Sophianti 


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