In a search of a hotel for our weekend getaway, we were recommended by our friend Nia Kurniasih to stay at Pondok Hexa (pondok is Indonesian word for “lodge”). I called Pondok Hexa asking for their new villa, but too bad it was all fully booked and they offered me a room which cost IDR 300,000. Because we were taking our kids, we would like to stay in a nice resort, and lucky us we found the website of Turtle Beach Resort, which was a newly opened resort (opened in August 2012).

I called the hotel asking for their rate, a two bedroom apartment cost IDR 750,000 including breakfast for four person, the hotel has only 10 units, 5 on the first floor which cost IDR 700,000 per unit, and the other five on the 2nd floor cost IDR 750,000 per unit. We choose to stay at the second floor, and the good news was, the hotel didn’t ask for any down payment at the time of the booking. We had noted the hotel that we might come early, and asked to be allowed to check in early as well.

We arrived at 11 am after visiting Curug Cikaso, I was disappointed that the swimming pool was not all ready to be used, and the water at the pool looks very dark. I even sms the hotel’s owner Ibu Anna, asking whether the pool was ok to be used, and she said it was ok. But ended up we had never used it and prefer to play on the beach and swim on the sea instead.

When we came, the beach had no water, so we had to go to Cibuaya beach with our car (5 minutes away), because our kiddos wanted to swim on the beach upon arrival. We were allowed to check in early, and when I entered the room, I was happy to see the clean rooms, clean bathroom, great bed and pillows, and also a nice balcony. Moreover when our 5 yo Najmi told us “the hotel is great, I like this hotel” I knew I had chosen the right hotel.

The next morning, we could directly swim on the beach in front of the hotel, through their direct access to the beach. The water was crystal clear, the closest part to the hotel had no wave, so it’s like having a huge pool for ourselves! Only I and the kiddos went for swimming, other people only walked around the beach. We didn’t even think of swimming in the hotel’s pool any longer.

The hotel has a beachfront resto, so after swimming and playing on the beach, we sat there and enjoy our breakfast which were fried rice and bread with jam, served with hot tea. We also ate at the restaurant for our dinner, the food price were really affordable. We ordered Mie Goreng and Kwetiau Goreng, only cost us IDR 45,000.

There are some points of improvement though, the hotel has to provide “wash area” near the stairs so that guests won’t have to walk with slippers full of sands to their room. It would also very nice if the hotel could provide room slippers, because the room was a bit dirty with sands. It would be also lovely if the hotel provide beach towel for the guests. And I don’t know whether the hotel could do something with the ants in the units? There were so many ants on the floor and on the wall.

Overall I would recommend Turtle Beach Resort for your holiday in Ujung Genteng. I hope that the hotel will keep to maintain the cleanliness of the resort, as well as the surrounding area.

We also took picture of lodge around the hotel, Pa Ujang Lodge and also Pondok Hexa Lodge

Pak Ujang Lodge

Pondok Hexa

So it’s your choice now whether staying in the lodge or staying at the Turtle Beach Resort Ujung Genteng. For us, we called this resort: our home in Ujung Genteng.

Written on September 18, 2012
Tesya Sophianti 

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