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About Es Tawon Kidul Dalem

Despite its intriguing name – “Tawon” refers to “bee” in Bahasa Indonesia – Es Tawon sadly does not contain any traces of bees or honey. However, despite my initial disappointment, this refreshment is still quite noteworthy in its own right.

Es Tawon Kidul Dalem is located in Jalan K. H. Zainul Arifin and its name was derived from the swarm of bees that congregate in the building right next to it. Founded in 1955, the small stall can be found opposite Holland Bakery.

Es Tawon consists of cincaucendoltapai (fermented cassava), green beans, and melon. Adequately sugary without going overboard with the sweetness, Es Tawon is one refreshing dessert – perfect for a hot day in Malang. Even better is the fact that it’ll only burn a Rp.6,000-sized hole in your wallet. Affordable yet ambrosial – a combination that one can only dream of coming across in this day and age.

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