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About IQ Education

IQ Education’s planned, purposeful and strategic curriculum ensures children will receive the most up-to-date education using leading-edge technology. Every learner at IQ Education will be a future-ready individual imbibed with strong core values and equipped with a combination of hard and soft skills: a 21st century leader with a global outlook, strong communication skills, and ability to think of the big picture.

How to learn: Children at IQ Education learn how to learn. By diving deep into subject concepts, our students are able to understand and apply what they learn confidently in and out of the classroom.

Subjects are not taught in silos, and instead integrated so students build lateral thinking skills and learn to apply their knowledge in a wider setting. Eg. Students learn Coding concepts in English within a Math class setting.

Meaningful and engaging multi-sensory activities that cater to children’s intrinsic learning styles, such as learning the concept of mass through hands-on manipulation of actual weights and objects on a scale.

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